10/4 / 16

This week on Broadlands lakes one of the A-team was caught. Young angler Jordan Webb started off fishing in peg 37 and not catching he decided to move down carp alley were he went on to fight and land Holyfield at 31lb 2oz, this was followed by a cracking mirror. Both of these fish were caught on shoreline boilies.

Sy Turner fished in peg 38 and baiting with sticky boilies he managed to bank himself 6 carp including a mint 23lb 2oz common carp.

Chris Godwin fished in peg 38 and managed to bank himself 4 20lb carp including a 24lb 10oz mirror using shoreline boilies fished pop up style.

Ian Kilby fished in peg 9 and managed to bank 2 carp 1 was a high double the other a chunk weighing 22lb 10oz, he banked them using His ever faithful shoreline boilies.

Jamie Brown also banked himself 2 carp but from peg 1 using boilies, the biggest of the two was  22lb 2oz.

Dylan Thomas fished in peg 1 and using legacy boilies banked 2 carp including a stunning 18lb common.

Darren Whyte fished with his son Ollie on the beach, Darren banked a 17lb 8oz mirror and Ollie banked a 15lb 2oz mirror using shoreline Redbull boilies.

Maro Sabey fished Sticky Krill snowman style and banked a cracking 16lb 10oz mirror from peg 17.Jay French caught a 15lb common carp from carp alley using shoreline mug’em fished bottom bait style.

Clint windridge fished peg 1 and using Redbull pop ups banked a 15lb carp.

Terry Betteridge banked a 14lb mirror from peg 14 using shoreline boilies.

Jeremy Allen used shoreline boilies in peg 34 and banked a 13lb 5oz common.

Josh Rowley banked a 6lb koi carp using pop ups in peg 34.

10/4/16 – Catch Report

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