Its been a good week at broadlands with many big fish being caught. To start the week off Peter Drodz fished peg 38 using urban baits Nutcracker and banked 3 carp to 20lb. Dave Hill fished short chuck and got a group of carp feeding banana boilies and nailed 3 of them including a 29lb 14oz mirror using matching pop ups. Mark Moorby fished in peg 69 and used B5 bottom baits to his advantage to bank a 20lb prestine common carp and a big scaled 25lb mirror.  Mr keving Newman had a great time on the main lake using MCX Nucleus on a kd rig to bank 5carp including a 24 and a 27lber. Brian Westwood fished in peg 23 down carp alley using mainline cell to catch 4 carp to 26lb 12oz. He fished with Ben Westwood who was in peg 24 using live system which baged him 2 stunning mirrors to 19lb. Marcus Alexander fished peg 22 and using solar bait and tackle he caught a 19lb mirror. Paul Benkford fished on tye beach and used shoreline baits to bank himself a 21lb 8oz mirror. Jeremy allen set up in peg 113 down motorway bank again using shoreline baits to bank a 17lb 6oz mirror. Neil burroughs fished peg 14 23lb 7oz dark common carp. Pete lodwidge fished with Rob lodwidge on the beach swim both using shoreline baits to catch a 24lb 12oz brute common carp, 2 x 20lb common carp and finished their time off with a 20lb 4oz mirror carp well in. Craig Greener fished peg 22 and used sticky boilies to bank himself 3 carp including a 20lb mirror. Jordan Hillier snell fished 21 and tricked up 2 carp to 16lb using dumbell hookbaits. Sy turner ended the week fishing in peg 35 to catch 3 carp to 22lb 12oz again using sticky boilies .

11/10/15 – Catch Report

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