This week on broadlands lakes Keith Roberts had an awsome session landing 15 carp including 5 twenties from peg 24. He fished to the island and margin reeds using mainline Cell boilies.

Using Pallatrax Jungle pop ups  Ian Smith banked 6 carp including a stunning chunk which weighed 23lb 8oz from peg 23.

Levente Onopi used mainline cell fished bottom bait style to land 6 carp including a beautiful 20lb common.

Jamie Brown used shoreline boilies in peg 81 and landed 5 carp including a lovely 23lb 4oz mirror.

Eddie Horrezl fished in peg 76 and had a total of 5 carp to 23lb 7oz, he caught 2 carp on mainline cell pop ups and 3 on zigs.

Phil Trenerry fished to the small island in peg 55 and used mainline cell boilies to land 4 carp including a chunk which weighed 25lb.

Martin Hancock fished in peg 2 and used shoreline boilies across to the far margin and landed 4 carp to 21lb 4oz.

Josh Pack used shoreline boilies in slingers and banked 3 carp including a beautiful 20lb 12oz mirror.

Dylan Thomas fished in peg 85 and used Legacy boilies to land 3 carp to 15lb.

Jay French fished in peg 26 and quickly banked 2 carp including a 16lb and a lovely 26 lb 2 oz mirror.

Kris Brathernn used boilies in peg 85 and banked 2 grass carp including a stunning 17lb.

Sy Turner was fishing in peg 36 and banked a double using sticky boilies, he then went stalking with some worms after seeing some fish cruising and banked a 13lb mirror.

Marc Kenna used CCMOORE live system boilies in peg 62 and landed a huge carp which weighed in at 28lb 2oz.

James Wintrip used boilies in peg 21 and banked a lovely 21lb 2oz common.

Pete Curtis could see some fish on the top in peg 12 and freelined some bread to them, he went on to land a 12pb mirror.

Meanwhile on the lower lake Ron Lock used boilies in peg 8 and hauled 17 carp the biggest being 15pb 4oz. P Barron fished in peg 7 also using boilies and landed 15 carp to 11lb 4oz.

15/5/16 – Catch report

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