17/4 /16

This week on Broadland’s lakes lots of fish were being caught. Shawn Brewer fished in peg 14 tight to the reeds and banked 7 carp including 4 twenties, the biggest of which was 29lb caught on shoreline boilies.

E Godwin fished in peg 38 and using shoreline boilies managed to bank 6 carp including a chunk which weighed 22lb 6oz.

Sy Turner banked 5 carp to 21lb 8oz in peg 17, he used sticky boilies fished bottom bait style.

Jack Thorpe fished in peg 69 and used pop ups to catch 5 carp to 23lb using shoreline boilies.

Josh Pack  bivied up in peg 38 and banked 3 carp including a stunning common which went 24lb 12oz.

Pete Curtis used shoreline red bull boilies in peg 17 and banked 3 carp including a lovely 24lb 2oz common.

Peter Drodz used urban bait boilies fished pop up style to capture 3 carp including a cracking 21lb mirror from peg 28.

D bunce used sweetcorn to bank a chunk weighing 22lb and 2 other 15lb commons.

P Rooney fished in peg 68 and using boilies banked 3 fish the biggest of which was a high double weighing 19lb 4oz.

Chloe Tester fished in peg 86 and using boilies banked 2 awesome commons weighing 20lb and 23lb.

In peg 14 Ian Palmer used pop ups to bank 2 carp one 18lb 4oz common and the other a 18lb mirror.

James Coleman used a stiff hinge rig and Redbull boilies to catch a 15lb mirror and a 18lb mirror.

P Rooney fished in peg 85 and using boilies tipped with corn banked 2 fish to 14lb.

Gareth tester used boilies to bank a cracking 23lb mirror.

Jack Wainwright used D.N.A. boilies in peg 57 and caught a beautiful 23lb 4oz mirror.

Jeremy Allen used shoreline boilies to catch a chunk which weighed 20lb 1oz from peg 35.

17/4/16 – Catch Report

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