21/2/16This week on broadlands lakes the broadlands carp challenge qualifiers took place with 9 pairs taking part in a 24 hour match with a total of 26 carp being caught it was clear there was a large head of fish held up in the middle of carp alley. Matt Eldridge and George West banked 12 carp and had an overall weight of 191lb 15oz. In second place was Danny Grassick and Ryan Green who were also in the middle of carp alley and banked 7 carp with an overall weight of 111lb 10oz. Third place was Ben and Barry O’connor who banked 55lb 4oz of carp they also caught the biggest fish which was a 24lb common. Fourth place was James Coleman and Owen Sayles who caught 26lb 2oz and joint fith place was Ian Killby and his partner Martin Chalke and Sam Nightingale and his partner Jordan Hillier-snell. Both pairs caught 18lb 4oz of carp.

Meanwhile plenty of fish were being caught by the pleasure anglers. Young angler Jordan Webb fished in peg 86 and had an awsome session banking 10 carp including some cracking mirrors and commons. 3 of them were 20’s and the biggest a chunk weighing 25lb 12oz. He used shoreline sausage oil pop ups on a stiff hinge rig with a scattering of sausage oil boilies. Tommy Stamper fished in peg 92 and used boilies to bank himself 5 carp to 26lb 8oz. Jamie Brown also banked 5 carp but from peg 17, the biggest was a lovely dark 25lb 8oz common caught using shoreline boilies. Peter Drodz took 3 carp from carp alley using pop ups, the biggest was a 21lber. Matt Smith used shoreline boilies to bank 2 carp one a chunk weighing 26lb 8oz the other a 18lb 12oz mirror. Sy Turner fished in peg 69 and used sticky baits to catch 2 carp including a beautiful 22lb 6oz mirror. Steve Edney fished in peg 88 and banked himself a 23lb mirror. Malcolm Richmond used a stiff hinge rig to bank a 22lb 6oz mirror. Will Edwards used Legacy boilies to catch a 19lb 10oz mirror. Brian Saxby took a 18lb mirror from peg 16 using a snowman rig. Russell Davies used home made boilies to catch a 17lb 2oz mirror. 


21/2/16 – Catch Report 

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