Taking hold this week on broadlands lakes was the broadlands carp championship. This was the 48 hour final and consisted of 12 pairs. It was very close and the final scores were as followed.

In First place was Dan Grassick and Ryan green fishing in peg 12, they caught 6 fish including 3 twenties using mainline cell. They ended with a total weight of 117lb 9oz.

In second place was Martin Chalke and Ian Kilby who fished in peg 8 and finished with a total weight of 94lb 10oz. Using Shoreline boilies they managed to land 5 carp including a 23lb 6oz mirror and a 25lb 12oz common. They fished to the island and margin snags.

Shawn Brewer and Alan Pugh took third place with a total weight of 79lb 9oz. They banked 4 fish, 3 of which were twenties and the biggest a 22lb 8oz mirror. They banked these fish from the small island using shoreline boilies.

Close behind was Glen and Justin Burnett who had a total weight of 74lb 10oz. They fished in peg 7 and landed 4 fish including 3 twenties the biggest of which was 23lb 8oz, they used shoreline boilies fishing to the island and margin reeds.

Sam Nightingale and his partner Jordan Hillier-snell    fished in peg 9 and ended up fith. They caught the biggest fish of the match which was 26lb 10oz and this was followed by a cracking 16lb 6oz mirror. The fish were caught off of the small island and margins.

Only 13oz behind was Ben and Barry O’connor who were in peg 5. They landed two mirrors and a common using mainline baits, they were fishing in the margins and too the island.

In 7th place was Neil Stansbridge and Barry Finch who came out first in the draw and chose peg 1, they quickly bagged 2 fish and after this it died down.

In 8th place with a total weight of 24lb 14oz was James Coleman and Owen Sayles, they fished in peg 4 and banked 2 carp using boilies, they were fishing in the margins and to the reeds.

In 9th with 22lb 3oz was Peter Burgess and Clint windridge, they were in peg 6 and banked a chunk using shoreline which weighed 22lb 3oz. And with a overall weight of 16lb 12oz

Matt Eldridge and George West finished 10th banking 1 carp using shoreline boilies in peg 2.

22/5/16 – Catch Report

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