This week on broadlands lakes lots of carp have been caught. Will Edwards fished in peg 38 and clearly had a group of carp in front of him, he used his ever faithful legacy boilies to haul 8 carp and the biggest of these fish was a 18lb common. Shawn Brewer fished down between the islands and used shoreline boilies to bank 7 carp including a chunk weighing in at 24lb. Barry Oconnor fished in peg 27 and managed to bank 4 20lb carp, the biggest was a lovely 25lb mirror. He banked all of these fish using mainline boilies. Ben Oconnor set up in peg 26 and baited up using mainline boilies, he went on to catch 4 carp to 19lb including a stunning red mirror. Dylan Thomas fished in peg 37 and used legacy boilies and had a good session landing three carp to 27lb. Aaron Stevens fished in peg 89 and used shorelines Red-bull boilies and caught a lovely 25lb mirro and a common weighing 20lb 8oz. Jeremy Allen fished 35 and landed 2 doubles using shoreline baits . Paul R had an awsome session fishing in peg 74 and using shoreline boilies caught a 32lb common carp. M. Waneham fished in peg 19 and banked a 22lb mirror using shoreline boilies. Terry Betteridge banked a 20lb mirror using shoreline boilies in peg 62. James Palk banked an 18lb common carp from peg 1 using shoreline boilies. John Payne used pop ups to bank 2 carp one a 14lb common the other a 16 mirror. Mike Jeziorek Fished in peg 36 caught a mid double common using tor baits. Mathew Presgot banked a 16lb mirror on ccmoore boilies in peg 34.

26/3/16 – Catch Report

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