Broadlands has been fishing well again with one of the A team coming out.To begin the week chris preston fished the main lake in peg 56 and had 7 carp to 23lb including 3 more 20lb carp using mainline cell on a hair rig. He fished with Stephen Preston in peg 48 and had 11 carp to 26lb again using mainline cell on bottom bait rigs. Debbie gale fished peg 70 and managed to bank a 20lb mirror using mainline cell on the main lake. Jack Wrainwright fished the the champagne swim and had 2 carp to 17lb4oz. Liam Bournemouth fished peg 9 and saved himself a blank with a long lean 15lb common using a combi rig and mailine cell boilies. Warren Charlton fished peg 104 and banked a 18lb 4oz grass carp using shoreline sausage oil and a simple hair. J Scatt fished peg 21 to 10lb. Todd Dyers fished peg 105 and managed to trick up a 2 20lb mirrors on the main lake. Jay french fished peg 104 and caught a 26lb 12oz common carp using shoreline baits. Shaun brewer fished peg 90 and had 3 carp to 26lb. He then fished later on in the week to have one of the A TEAM Hatton at 24lb along with 2 more 20s and 3 doubles. Pete harrison fished peg 83 got the carp grubbin on mainline hybrid and banked 5 carp to 22lb. Sy turner ended the week with 3 carp to 25lb 12oz using sticky baits on the main lake, well in.

27/9/15 – Catch Report

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