It has been a cracking week on broadlands over the Christmas period. Sy turner started his session on Wednesday the 23rd staying for 7 days. He had an epic session and on Christmas day got some cracking presents from the carp gods banking 4 to 24lb, he ended up with 15 carp from peg 36 all caught using his ever faithful sticky baits. Shawn Brewer joined him for 48 hours fishing and for him it will be a session to remember catching 31 carp to a huge 28lbs. These fish were caught on shoreline boilies and shawns homemade rigs. Tim cook banked him self two 30lb carp using sticky wafters. He fished in peg 70 and banked a 30lb common and a 30lb 4oz mirror in just 24 hours. Steve m fished in slingers and used simple hair rigs and sticky boilies to catch 6 carp to 23lb. Dylan Thomas started in peg 9 and caught 3 carp to 23lb and moved round to carp alley to bank another common on pop ups. Clinton Cooper fished in peg 41 and banked 4 carp including a mint common weighing 21lb using his trusty shoreline Redbull boilies. Clint windridge fished with his daughter paige in peg 55 and caught 2 carp one of which was Paiges new p.b. at 22lb 12oz. Dan ford fished a day session on short chuck and banking 2 to 19lb and loosing 1 to a hook pull on shoreline boilies. Peter Drodz took 2 carp to 21lb in peg 21 using his favourite urban baits boilies. Keith Williams fished in peg 65 and banked 2 carp to 25lb using hair rigs. Zak Scott fished in peg 35 and used boilies to bank 2 carp to 25lb. Lee Saunders fished in peg 11 and banked 1 20lb long lean common on bottom baits. James Palk fished in peg 32 and banked a 21lb mirror on shoreline boilies and kd rigs. Lee W had 2 carp to 21lb using shoreline Redbull. Chris Gasher banked a beautiful carp weighing 23lb. Jeremy Allen fished in peg 49 and used shoreline boilies to catch a prestine mirror carp weighing 15lb 4oz.

3/1/16 – Catch Report

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