Catch report 5/5

This week on broadlands lakes the lovely weather has certainly put the fish on the feed.

Matt Whitehed fished in peg 1 and was casting to the far margin. He used cultured carp baits fished kd style, he banked 19 carp including two 21lb carp and a stunning chunck which weighed 24lb 1oz.

Dylan Thomas used Legacy boilies in peg 85, he banked 11 carp from the island using pop ups.

Josh Pack used shoreline boilies fished tight to the island   in peg 86 and landed 4 carp including a beautiful carp which weighed 24lb 8oz.

Jamie Whitlock used cc moore boilies fished snowman style in slingers and banked 4 carp from the snags on the island.

Clayton Monckton fished in peg 17 and used shoreline boilies to land 3 fish including a 22lb 6oz mirror.

Phil Brindley used mainline cell boilies fished snowman style and banked 3 carp to 16lb 10oz.

James Meele used CCmoore boilies fished KD style and managed to land 2 carp including a 19lb 14oz common and a 13lb 6oz mirror.

Colin Simpson fished shoreline red bull boilies on hair rigs in peg 34 and landed two carp including a 19lb mirror and a 17lb common.

Jeff Hards used CCmoore boilies and banked a 18lb mirror and a 15lb mirror. S Parsons used a snowman rig and shoreline sausage oil boilies in peg 26 and banked a lovely chunk weighing 23lb 8oz.

Terry Betteridge fished in peg 21 and used shoreline boilies to catch a 21lb 12oz mirror.

Darren Bromley used the crave popups in peg 1 and landed a 21lb 8oz common.

Pete hendwood used velocity boilies fished snowman style and landed a 19lb 9oz mirror.

Bobby Russell fished down carp alley and used passion baits to land a 17lb 12oz common.

Dylan Thomas used legacy boilies down carp alley and banked a 17lb common.

Sy Turner fished down carp alley using sticky boilies and banked a 16lb 14 common.

Gary Kybert fished in peg 28 and landed a 15lb mirror on hair rigs.

Tony T banked a 15lb mirror from peg 34 using shoreline boilies.

Sy Turner fished between the islands using sticky boilies and landed a 10lb mirror.

5/5/16 – Catch Report

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