On broadlands this week Perry Webb fished in peg 28 and used shoreline Redbull to bank 7 carp the biggest weighing 24lb. Shawn Brewer fished in peg 38 and also banked 7 carp using shoreline boilies the biggest was a lovely 23lb common. Sy Turner started off in peg 40 but wasn’t having any luck and saw some fish showing down motorway bank so moved round there and banked 3 carp, the third was whilst he was packing up and was the biggest weighing in at 20lb 8oz caught using sticky baits. Jamie Brown saw the wind pushing into the boat bay so decided to set up for the night and it payed off for him landing 3 fish to 16lb. Craig Mann banked 3 carp on his session using a mixture of sweetcorn and boilies the biggest was a 15lb 6oz mirror. John Dinnematin fished a day session in peg 25 and using shoreline boilies he banked 2 carp to 18lb. Rob Hansler used Holland baits in peg 76 and netted 2 carp one at 17lb the other being a nice mirror weighing 20lb 8oz. Peter Drodz banked a 19lb 8oz carp from peg 86 using boilies.

6/3/16 – Catch Report 

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