Broadlands has delivered this week with lots of fish being banked. Dylan Thomas had an awesome session. He started off in peg 15 and then he decided to move into peg 38 for the day and banked 7 carp to 26lb 15oz on legacy boilies. He fished with Will Edwards who caught 6 carp to 22lb also using Legacy baits, a session to remember. Clinton Cooper fished in peg 94 and managed to catch 6 carp including a chunk of a mirror weighing 22lb on a day session. These fish were all caught using shoreline boilies. Shawn Brewer fished down carp alley and got a group of fish feeding on shoreline boilies and banked 5 of them to 20lb 4oz. Peter Drodz took 5 carp to 23lb 4oz using pop ups in peg 27. Sy Turner fished in slingers and caught 3 carp using his ever faithful sticky baits, the biggest was a lovely fish weighing 25lb 4oz. Jack Wainwright fished in peg 17 and used DNA baits to catch 3 carp to 14lb 6oz. Sam Rose fished on the beach and used pineapple boilies to catch 2 carp to 26lb on a short day session. Pete Curtis took 2 carp out of peg 1 using cell boilies the biggest a 20lb mirror. Michael Shephard fished in peg 27 and used cell boilies to catch 2 carp to 17lb which was a lovely common. David Littlewood managed to bank a 16lb mirror on RG baits in peg 27. Ben and Brian Westwood caught an 18lber each one using cell the other live system. Juras R used pop ups in peg 29 to catch a 14lber.

On the pike front John p fished the steel piles and caught 21 pike to 11lb. Glenn Brazier fished in peg 67 and took 11pike to 11lb. Rich Seymour took 6 pike out of peg 59 to 9lb.  All of these fish were caught using our trout live baits. And to finish the week Paul Barron caught 3 pike from peg 64 using smelt.

7/2/16 – Catch Report

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