It’s been a brilliant week on Broadlands lake. Ian Kilby come to fish the lake for 4 days. He started in the boat bay and moved another 3 times to follow the fish. He ended up in peg 55 and ended with 32 carp, 28 of the carp were double figures the other 4 were 20lb+ carp and the biggest being 27lb 3oz. This shows that putting in the effort gets you rewards.

Paul Thomas had a good session in peg 104 landing 14 carp of which 4 20lb+ and the scar common at 31lb on cell boilies.

One of our members Shaun Brewer fished peg 41 and had 13 carp. He had 2 20lbers, 24lb carp, and 2 × 25lb on shoreline baits.

Michael Pidlock and Rob Bayliss chose to fish slingers for a week social. They had 4 fish including 3×20lb and a 21lb carp. It turned out to be a great session for Rob who finally broke his 8 year curse. The curse not being able to beat his recent pb of 16lb 8oz which happens to be his date of birth. He was really happy to end up with 2 20lb carp. The lads used pineapple fever and black pepper boilies.

Ollie donlan had another great session on the lake, Ollie fished peg 85 on nutcracker boilies. He landed 6 carp all of double figures and the biggest being 22lb 2oz mirror carp.

Kenny Clayton fished CC Moore boilies in peg 28 to land 1 carp of 28lb.

Young angler Jordan Webb landed 1 mirror carp at 27lb 7oz in peg 36 on a homemade rig using mad baits wicked white boilies this fish was his new p.b. and a beauty.

Jack Wainwright fished peg 69 on cell baits to land 3 carp to 24lb.

Peter Leigh fished 106 on cell bait. Peter landed 2 carp, 23lb mirror 12lb 7oz common carp.

Aaron Qerbert had 4 common carp between 15lb and 23lb on odyssey baits in peg 70.

Paul remsbery fished peg 41 landing 2 ghost carp to 17lb and 3 mirror carp to 17lb 5lb.

Dylan Hughes fished peg 14 and landed 2 carp, 20lb common and a 13lb mirror.

Travis Melling fished peg 21 using a gardner 8 hook and homemade krill bait to land a 20lb 3oz mirror.

Ross Hunter fished peg 93 using ashima anti reject and ashima leadclip to land a 15lb mirror.

Peter Drozd used boilies to land a 18lb common in peg 70.

Clinton Cooper used shoreline baits to land 7 carp to 19lb 6 oz in peg 47. A polt had 1 carp to 19lb 12oz In peg 88.

Broadlands is continuing to fish well with fish coming out all over the lake.


Catch Report W/E 28.8.15

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