another good week at broadlands lake. Shaun Brewer done a session in peg 41 armed with shoreline baits. Shaun landed a large haul of 18 carp including 8 20lb+ and the mulberry common at 30lb 8oz.

Rob Lodwidge fished peg 39 on shoreline baits And landed 4 carp to 27lb 1oz Which was one of our A team Holyfield.

Martin Snelnam fished peg 33 And landed 12 carp to 22lb 10oz and 4 of them were 20lb+ on live system.

Matthew Cox fished peg 97 and had 4 carp to 29lb on cc Moore baits.

Sam Gollop and his dad Nick Gollop did a few nights in peg 44 and 46 and landed 35 fish between them. Sam landed 18 carp to 20lb and Nick landed 20 carp to 22lb both were using hybrid wafters.

Ian Palmer fished peg 25 and landed a new personal best common carp of 26lb 6oz on bnm baits rst and various gardener end tackle.

Jack Wainwright fished peg 69 and landed 2 carp to 22lb 4oz on cell boilies. Peter Leigh fished peg 92 on cell bottom baits and landed 7 carp to 21lb.

Paul Rydzinski went In peg 56 and landed 4 carp 2×17lb and 2×21lb on shoreline baits using a snowman rig.

Alfie Bartholomew fished peg 32 with his dad and landed a new personal best carp which was 20lb 6oz on shoreline sausage oil.

Val Cojocaru fished the Lower lake and main lake. On the main lake he landed a 21lb 4oz mirror and a 19lb 5oz mirror. On the Lower lake he landed 6 carp between 6lb and 11lb on shoreline baits.

K Grant and D Madden did a session together In peg 102 and 103. K Grant landed 1 carp to 24lb on quench bait. D Madden landed 1 carp to 14lb on krill bait.

Peter Drozd fished peg 48 and landed 2 carp on of 19lb and 21lb On a snowman rig.

P Gibson fished peg 32 and landed a 26lb 8oz carp on sausage oil boilies.

Jay French fished peg 38 and landed 2 fish to 18lb on Shoreline Redbull.

Nick Swift fished peg 85 on a snowman rig and landed 2 20lb carp.

Clinton Cooper Fished peg 42 and landed 1 carp to 15lb on shoreline baits.

Pete Lodwidge fished peg 38 and landed 4 fish to 20lb 4oz on shoreline.

Dan Johnston fished peg 56 and landed 1 carp to 21lb on the source boilies. Dave Harris had 3 carp to 8lb on the Lower lake on mainline cell.

The lake is still continuing to fish well all over with a few taking up up fantastic meal deal offer – 7 nights fishing with 3 rods & get 14 meals all for only £150 .


Catch Report W/E 4.9.15

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