It’s been another good week at broadlands lakes with 2 of the A team coming out, Henry Cooper and Holyfield. Gary Kybert started the week in peg 56 he was using mainline cell topped with a berry pop up and over a handful of offerings, he landed a 10lb 1oz leather carp and a 28lb 9oz mirror carp.

Stuart Howells had a great couple of days in peg 28 using cell pop ups and fishing to the island in peg 28. After 6 o clock and not remembering to turn his alarms on his line started running not knowing he had hooked in to one of our a team with it being Henry Cooper at 33lb 8oz.

Stuart also had another one at 21lb 4oz.

Rob Hosey used mainline essential i-b to land 2 common carp at 21lb 2oz and 15lb 7oz in peg 57.

Andy Richardson fished peg 70 and had 3 common carp at 22lb, 15lb and 12lb. Weslead beater fished peg 48 and landed a 24lb 8oz mirror carp using banoffee boilies.

Ash Harris fished peg 96 and landed 3 doubles to 20lb. Shaun Michaels fished the lower lake using pallatrax boilies and wafters and caught 9 fish up to 12lb. Simon Dole used urban bottom baits to lure himself 3 carp of which were a 19lb common, 13lb common and a 17lb mirror carp on the beach swim.

Mark Stevens and and Thomas Rickman fished together using cell bottom baits to land 5 carp between them. Thomas had a 5lb 7lb and a 8lb carp whilst mark landed 2 carp of 13lb and 19lb in pegs 105 and 106.

Gareth Brown landed 2 carp the biggest being a 15lb common carp on shoreline bottom baits.

P. Shield fished peg 11 and landed 4 carp to 23lb on shoreline baits.

Neil jenk had 2 carp a 10lb common and a 5lb grass carp using baitworks boilies and pop ups.

Jordan webb landed 2 fish an 18lb mirror carp and a 11lb common carp he was using pallatrax end tackle and mad baits in peg 1.

Craig mansbridge fished peg 21 to land himself a 18lb 8oz mirror carp using shoreline bait.

Andrew Marshall ended the week landed one of our A team Holyfield which was 28lb 9oz on shoreline baits in peg 47.

The lower lake has been busy this week with the families – dads n sons have been teaming up hauling in the carp to the banks , adie & George gale fished the lower lake along with George’s brother & 2 mates , great social was had by all and between them they all caught , using a variety of baits from the cell to dog biscuit , all worked well

Debbie & Pete

Catch Report W/E 21.8.15

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